Process Safety Enterprise®

Process Safety Enterprise® is the only system offering a complete process safety management lifecycle platform, streamlining and centralizing it all onto one platform. The platform helps small to multi-national organizations manage and store process safety data, documents, and workflows across multiple facilities. Paired with ioMosaic’s data hosting services, clients can ensure their data is secure, centralized, and accessible.

Key Functionality

Document management system — All types of documents are version controlled in our encrypted Document Management System. 

Actions tracking — Tasks are communicated, reminded and tracked automatically within our action tracking system. 

Best-in-class user and data security — Documents as well as records access is tracked and logged at user level in a multi-factored, authenticated environment.

Dynamic form building — Build forms to track any type of record without programming using our Dynamic Form Building module.

Custom business logic — Program complex business rules using standard XML to work with dynamic forms.

Workflow engine — Manage any defined process as a visual workflow within our Workflow Engine.

Configurable and customizable — PSE is fully configurable and customizable to accommodate any client specific need.

Create your own module — Administrators can easily create custom modules with a few keystrokes using our Dynamic Form Building module and our Workflow Engine.

Email integration — Actions, follow-ups, reminders, and document sharing is available via email.

Fully integrated with PSO — Store Process Safety Office® project data and action items directly into the Process Safety Enterprise® platform.

KPI and reporting — Derive Key Performance Indicators and Risk Analytics from your process safety data daily and on the spot.

External integration — The open architecture allows seamless integration with external systems like SAP and Maximo.

Compare Editions

Recognizing that our clients have different needs, we offer three versions tailored to meet specific management needs. All three editions offer simple installation and support the streaming and integration of legacy data with ease.

PSE Corporate Edition — PSE Corporate Edition offers centralized, integrated modules for all PSM elements. These modules include visual workflow, user configurable dynamic database forms, and a multitude of document security, management functions, reporting templates, and Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

PSE Small Business Edition — PSE Small Business Edition includes Standard Edition features, plus specific modules for time card, expense, and contact management.

PSE Standard Edition — PSE Standard Edition provides task management and action tracking, as well as structured and unstructured data management.

Learn More

Contact us to learn about available customization options, licensing details or scheduling your personal 30-minute demo of Process Safety Enterprise®. 

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