• 5 Things to Ensure Compliance and Efficiency with Your Mechanical Integrity Program

    Is your mechanical integrity program up to date, compliant and efficient? This free webinar will help you find out. Presented by Elena Prats.

  • 2018 Polyethylene Information Exchange Meeting

    , The Woodlands

    Chevron Phillips Chemical hosts a Polyethylene Information Exchange Meeting (IEM) at The Woodlands Waterway Marriott Resort & Conference Center.

  • 13th Annual Global Software Users Group Meeting

    , Houston

    Register for the 13th Annual Users Group Meeting. Learn in a collaborative environment, share knowledge, and network with our developers and founders.

  • 15th Global Congress on Process Safety

    , New Orleans

    Join ioMosaic at the 15th Global Congress on Process Safety in New Orleans at Booth 305, presented by CCPS® and the AIChE® Safety & Health Division.

  • Loss Prevention 2019 Conference

    , Delft

    Join ioMosaic at the 16th International Symposium on Loss Prevention and Safety Promotion in the Process Industries, held at the TUDelft in The Netherlands.

  • Refinery Hazards Fundamentals

    Understand the fundamentals involved to identify and evaluate different hazard types and their associated risks within refineries or chemical facilities.

  • PHA Basic

    Learn the essential structure of PHAs and get an introduction to the industry’s most popular methodologies such as HAZOP, What-If, Checklist, FMEA, and more.

  • Interpreting and Applying Test Data

    Learn the basics of interpreting and applying test data to gain insight into the likelihood of ignition.

  • Mechanical Integrity

    Learn about how to set up a mechanical integrity (MI) program. An MI program is essential for your facility to prevent failures and accidental releases.

  • SuperChems for a Safe Relief of a Runaway Reaction

    Demonstrates how to use SuperChems™, a component of Process Safety Office®, to ensure safe relief in the event of a runaway reaction.

  • SuperChems™ Hands-On Training

    , Houston

    Master techniques for addressing relief sizing for various scenarios, relief piping system design, flare header modeling and consequence modeling.

  • Impact of Fire Exposure on Gas Filled Vessels Webinar

    This free 60-minute webinar will examine the impact of fire exposure on gas filled vessels and review best practices for putting a mitigation plan in place.

  • PRV Stability Workshop

    , Houston

    Learn practical methods for the identification and evaluation of high risk relief systems installations where potential PRV instability requires evaluation by engineering analysis.

  • Mary Kay O’Connor Process Safety Center 2019 International Symposium

    , College Station

    Attend the conference and visit us at booth 9 to learn the latest innovations and developments in process safety.

  • PHA Leader Training

    , Houston

    Gain a thorough understanding of the essentials of leading PHAs using industry methodologies such as HAZOP, FMEA, What If, Checklist and more, through online and in-person instruction.

  • 14th Annual Global Software Users Group Meeting

    , Houston

    Save the date for the 14th Annual Users Group Meeting. Learn in a collaborative environment, share knowledge, and network with our developers and founders.

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